The worst thing which I like is waiting of something. I was on Adelaide airport with my ticket waiting for the flight to go the desired vacation spot on an island which was delayed by three hours. During that time I started reading a book of very famous author which was based on some drama comic. After sometime it was announced that the flight was delayed by six hours which made me hectic to pass off my time. A person beside me was playing some pokie game which compelled me to for this if I really want to make my spare time in a good mood. I went for the search and found Skull Duggery the most pleasant one and without wasting a moment I went for the download of the full paid app on my android mobile.

This is a video slot which is pirate themed with nine payline. I had watched a movie and its series which also used the concept of pirate with the similar characters which had been used in the game. The superb quality which really made it popular among the average bettor is that they can start with the super low of $0.01 to $1.00 at each of the lines and may bet with the max of five coins at each slot. The most typical thing which I liked about this game was the symbols which were related to the food. The winning combination of this one also gives some multiplier which can be used in proceeding stage. The animated icon of robber which is the wild symbol will take you in the round of bonus and gives you the maximum chance to win some prizes and even some amount of real cash too which will make you to stuck in its world.