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City Of Lights Slot Machine

Paris used to be known as the City of Lights. Illuminated people would flock there in large numbers to discuss important issues and then share their thoughts with the rest of the world. Today, Paris is associated more with being the romantic capital of the world. Young men often book romantic weekends in Paris to propose to their future wives. This is a time-honored tradition that High 5 Games has lovingly captured in the City Of Lights slot.

It’s easy to see how these two lovebirds could have fallen for each other – it’s all eye candy! This ruggedly handsome protagonist is sure to delight you with his high-cheekboned, designer stubble face. Unfortunately, keeping his gaze from the gorgeous woman he wants to propose to is hard. Beauty is only skin-deep, so let’s focus on the benefits you will get from the game in terms of prizes and features.

Parisian Prizes

While our image-perfect couple may not boost our egos, they can boost our bank balances by matching up to 3-10 symbols on any pay line (provided you are playing those lines). You can also find single and double marks. The double ones count twice when you look at the pay table to determine how much you might win. The man’s top prize is 1,000x your line bet, while the women’s is 2,000x.

There are many other symbols you can also find. They make up the DIY proposal kit, which includes a champagne flute, a yellow flower, and a diamond engagement ring. You can also win more miniature prizes by matching up poker symbols.

The top prize-winning symbol for lining up the 5 City Of Lights logo is worth 10,000x your line bet, while even four characters can pay 1,000x. This symbol is also the game’s wild symbol and can be substituted for any other sign to create more prize combinations. It can also substitute for the man, woman, champagne rose, or ring, and it will count as two symbols in awarding a prize.

Trip The Light Fantastic

Street Lights are another symbol you will find in the game. This can help you to win some decent prizes in the Free Games Bonus. Six free games can be triggered by two double-light symbols or one single-light symbol. The first combination will give you 12 free games if it contains three double-light symbols. You’ll play your free games on a different set of reels and see new symbol variations like a red rose. Who says romance is dead?

Cheaper Than An Engagement Ring

You can combine the number of lines and stakes on each to get as high as 400 coins per spin. This is cheaper than any engagement ring!

High 5 Games loves their eye-candy protagonists. With a romantic theme, we can all relate to, prices that range from decently to potentially life-changing, and a fun Free Games Bonus, they have another winner!