Unintentional Clash with Arabian Nights Slot Machines

I think everyone of you heard about those stories told in one thousand and one nights basically in Arabic language. These stories are very famous in various centuries because its first edition was launched way back in 1706. Every story was so amazing and interesting that you want to read one after another and you will not able to keep yourself away from it. The main author of these stories is still not basically known but if they will present in today’s time then they will become on the top of authors due to his fantastic writings. There are many movies made on this theme. I read these stories in my course book at a very young age. As you know that in school time we read too much but remember the little bit. So, I forget all these stories but I just remembered them instantly when I went on a trip to Abu Dhabi.

I went to the United Arab Emirates for witnessing a business meeting. I had a very important meeting there and that was my first trip to the desert place. This is also a capital of UAE so its glamor and antiquity are just above all cities. I never visited a place from where you can see an ocean from one window and desert from another window. That was giving a very fantastic experience to me. Peoples are wearing their traditional costume which made them looking different from others. Would you even imagine that some decades before it was just a village? I was lying in my hotel room which was at the 78th floor of the hotel. I was searching for news channels on TV. In that search, I found a channel playing the cartoon based on that very famous story of Arabian Nights. My childhood book started rotating in front of my eyes. Instantly I opened my laptop and just enthusiastically started searching for it. One by one, I was exploring every result appeared after searching. In that search, I got a casino website having a game with the same name and it was based on the same theme. I played some slots when I was in Australia so I was aware of as such things. That was a 5 reel and 10 pay line systems. It was just a basic play where I have to only hit the spin button and I can use that too for free. After getting all these things, I also tried some hands on it and forget what I was searching for. After some time I closed it kept it for further for next time. But I want to say that I had the amazing experience with it.

First Time with Tunzamunni Slot Machine

On this post, I will talk about my experience with one of the memorable incident of my life i.e. Tunzamunni. After heard about that name the first thing that came to your mind was that “What is the meaning of that word”, so don’t take any stress I clear your doubt it’s a slot machine, and let me tell you one thing about myself that I am a game freak . One day, after getting bored of my daily routine I started my pc and searched about the latest online games that were available on the internet.

After searching on the different sites, I found some of them but none of them attracts me and then suddenly a pop-up window will open with the name of Tunzamunni, with a tagline of earn money quickly without getting paid, this looks interesting to me so I click on that link and try to find about what was that. The page that was open was just stunning with beautiful graphics, amazing music and has everything that can attract anyone (including me). I click on the genre option on the site to learn about it. This is very simple 5 coins, 1 payline and 3 reel machine.

This allows you to win jackpots if you are able to get three different colored 7‘s symbols on the machine, but one thing that should kept in mind before start playing is that this can activated by 5 coins and chances of winning depends on how you play plus the major factor that we generally called “luck”, and my luck sucks generally! So in order to earn more money I start searching on the net for the cheats and I found some of them that will help a lot. The one more feature of that site that I like is its offline version i.e. just free download it by click on the right most part of the site and enjoy it.

The Grand Circus Slot

Being a circus lover since childhood, this new slot game made me try it at least once. When I was a kid my father used to take me this grand circus called “gandalf murphy and the grand slambovian circus of dreams” and there was another one where we used to go when we were in the Michigan City called “the shrine circus in grand rapids Michigan”. The grand circus also has its following in numerous cities like Moscow, Budapest and others.

Well, here i am talking about this new pokie game based on the very theme which got five reels, twenty payline, and is a two hundred coin video slot machine game, and here the 5 reels indicates that you have to make your winning combination out of the five spinning wheels. And additionally the multiplier multiplies the chance of your win and eventually when the reel stops the computer program check the winning combination whether you have made some bucks or not, along with the enabled paylines.

Although there is no wild symbol on this game, but there are some other ways to get the top 1000 coins by hitting the jackpot while the regular is going on with forks. Along with all these tempting features this exciting pokie also has very interesting and well-designed graphics that can give you the exact feel of watching circus with all the circus sounds, like clapping of spectators, chirping of animals, ringmaster’s voice, beats of drums and much more.

Skull Duggery

The worst thing which I like is waiting of something. I was on Adelaide airport with my ticket waiting for the flight to go the desired vacation spot on an island which was delayed by three hours. During that time I started reading a book of very famous author which was based on some drama comic. After sometime it was announced that the flight was delayed by six hours which made me hectic to pass off my time. A person beside me was playing some pokie game which compelled me to for this if I really want to make my spare time in a good mood. I went for the search and found Skull Duggery the most pleasant one and without wasting a moment I went for the download of the full paid app on my android mobile.

This is a video slot which is pirate themed with nine payline. I had watched a movie and its series which also used the concept of pirate with the similar characters which had been used in the game. The superb quality which really made it popular among the average bettor is that they can start with the super low of $0.01 to $1.00 at each of the lines and may bet with the max of five coins at each slot. The most typical thing which I liked about this game was the symbols which were related to the food. The winning combination of this one also gives some multiplier which can be used in proceeding stage. The animated icon of robber which is the wild symbol will take you in the round of bonus and gives you the maximum chance to win some prizes and even some amount of real cash too which will make you to stuck in its world.

Sizzling Scorpions

According to me there is certain incident which makes us to follow something and of course there should be some influencing factor too. In the same way entering in the world of gambling for me was an incident and now I really enjoy it during my spare part of time. I was watching a movie through online and I got a link which was related to the pokie which was popping on the screen. I went for the click of that which introduced me with the environment of betting. The game which I generally use to play is the Sizzling Scorpions which offers three reels with single line of pay and some bonuses too. This is themed on desert look which may increase your thirst for getting more and more win.

The scorpion logo is itself the biggest symbols of winning while there are many other symbols such as sun, bars, 7’s are the smaller one. For getting the round the round of bonus you will have to go with the waging of three coins which also activates the stage of jackpot which will give you the more which is about 5,000 coins.

If you really want to perform much better as the introducer to this one then you basics should be quite clear. You should go for the tutorial and review of the blogs. As a new comer I was lucky that I made the best performance when I played this one for the first time using some of the skills and some of the concept which I read in my college days. The graphics of this one is really totally different depicting the life style of desert which is very cool. I was fortunate that I was on the winning side with some loses at the starting. Triumph is not only the thing which you should look out for rather than learning something from it which will automatically increase your appetite of triumph.

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