The Gambling Law of 2005 is likely to be familiar to anyone who lives in the UK. It bans children under the age of 18 from playing in a casino. However, you can organize a fun casino event where no real money is used, and nobody loses money. Because they are open to everyone, there is no age restriction.

A fun casino is a name for hiring a casino to play with fake money at your event or party. The host pays the casino in advance. Every player is given fake chips and currencies. All the games are authentic. It’s like playing a free online casino game!

People don’t like visiting casinos for fear of losing their money. However, everyone enjoys this event because there is nothing to lose.

American and European Roulette. It is one of the most iconic and well-known casino games. Roulette is a simple game that requires little strategy but can be extremely exciting. You can win big and lose a lot. However, many people can have fun and play without worrying about losing money.

American roulette uses an additional ’00’ while European roulette only uses one 0. Therefore, American roulette is not recommended for casino players. Here, you only need to play!

Blackjack: This is the classic casino card game. This game requires skill and a bit of strategy. Free of charge, players can practice their techniques and tricks with other players in a casino-like atmosphere.

Craps. You can roll the dice to try your luck at the noisiest table in the casino. Craps and Dice are played by rolling two dice and placing bets on the outcome.

This game is known as the lowest-paying casino game because the odds of winning are against you most of the time. In casual casinos, however, dice will be your best entertainment bet.

Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune is a casino game that’s easy to play. The wheel of fortune has many symbols. Players predict which character the arrow will stop at and place a bet to win. This is an excellent game for both kids and adults.

Hire price

Prices for tables can be as low as PS175 to PS190. Each table can hold up to 15 people. Additional set-up and dealing time charges will be added separately. Each table will have a staff member or dealer.

Have fun at a casino!

If you’ve ever dreamt of basking in the glimmering lights of Monte Carlo or the bustling energy of Vegas, but find yourself hesitant about the inherent risks, enter the world of “fun casinos.” The UK’s Gambling Law of 2005, with its strict parameters, can’t encroach on these havens. Here, the charm of casinos comes alive, minus the financial gambles.

Roulette: Ah, the spinning wheel of dreams! A crowd huddling around, eyes tracing the ball, breaths held. It’s a game of sheer chance, where you place bets on numbers, hoping the spinning ball lands on your chosen one. In a fun casino, the tension remains, but the fear of loss dissipates.

Caribbean Stud Poker: This lesser-known gem is poker with a twist. Players compete against the house, not each other. The tropical name adds flair, but the game’s essence is in its combination of luck and strategy. Novices, fret not! In this setting, mistakes are merely lessons, not losses.

Texas Hold’em: Another poker variant, Texas Hold’em is about making the best five-card hand. It’s poker stripped down, and in a fun casino backdrop, it provides a space to learn, strategize, and engage, all without the overshadowing worry of losing hard-earned money.

Thematic Nights: To amplify the fun, how about theming the casino night? From the roaring ’20s, Gatsby-style, to a sultry Bond night, the options are endless. This not only elevates the mood but also makes it an unforgettable experience.

Learning Curve: Fun casinos aren’t just about games; they’re educational hubs. They demystify complex games, offer insights, and nurture an understanding of the casino world. It’s like a sandbox; you build, mold, and sometimes crumble, but all in good fun.

Unique Event Elements: To ramp up the fun, consider integrating a leaderboard. As players navigate games, they earn points. By evening’s end, the top scorers could be awarded quirky prizes. Not cash, but perhaps a bottle of wine, a dinner voucher, or even a goofy trophy!

The Allure for All Ages: From millennials experiencing their first casino game to grandparents reminiscing their heydays, the beauty of fun casinos is their universal appeal. They break barriers, both of age and expertise.

Final Take: In the heart of it all, fun casinos encapsulate the very essence of what gaming should be – pure, unadulterated fun. They’re the middle ground between board games and high-stakes casino adventures. So, next time you’re pondering over a unique event idea, remember: a fun casino could be your jackpot!