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Brazilia Slot

This is not the capital of Brazil. It is Brazilia, an alternate universe rich in treasure where the Evil Prince has taken the Princesses. He only wants to prevent you from saving the princesses. He has set up a trail full of beautiful jewelry and false clues to do this. You’ll be rewarded for finding clues, jewelry, and Princesses.

Bonuses will be given to the most successful players, including a Brazilia Wilds bonus and a Super Stakes Feature. This beautiful slot game can be played at home with your mobile device or desktop computer.

Brazilia will amaze you

The mysterious kingdom will captivate your imagination, and the gorgeous princesses will win your heart. Be on the lookout for the charming and evil Prince who will do anything to get the princesses.

Brazilia Bounty

You can consider letters and numbers clues or red herrings. It’s up to you whether collecting them is worth eight times your stake. There will be lots of jewelry on the path, including gorgeous Emerald Butterflies and Topaz Peacocks. These five matching pieces of jewelry are worth as much as ten times the price of your stake. However, their beauty is still far less than that of the princesses.

There are 30 princesses you can find. They can be found in groups of 3-10. You can earn up to 300 times your stake if you find ten princesses in a group. You can acquire up to 3,000x in your stake if you find twins among the princesses. You can rescue the Princesses and capture the Prince, increasing your stake by up to 250x.

Brazilia has many waterfalls that cascade down and can trigger the Free Games Feature.5 symbols give you five free games. 6 awards give you seven free games. Seven awards give you ten free games. 8 awards give you 15 free games. Many twin waterfalls count double the bonus.

Brazilia Wilds are common and can substitute for many other symbols to create a winning line. Each twin symbol can be substituted for another character to create winning lines.

High Stakes

Brazilia has a lot at stake as the princesses are in danger. However, it’s going to be relatively inexpensive to get your share of the action. You can choose from 1, 5, 9, 15, or 30 lines and stake between 0.01 and 1 coin per spin. If you want the best chance of winning, you can play from 0.01 cents per spin.

Payouts and Princesses

Beautiful princesses combined with plenty of payouts are the perfect combination for slot players – and we predict you’ll soon become one of the Boys of Brazilia! (or Girl!)