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Sands of Fortune Slot Machine

Sands of Fortune is the next generation of adventurers. Forget Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, Sands of Fortune will be the new adventurers of this century.

Many of us have wanted so badly to discover Ancient Egypt that we have explored the current terrain to find some secret tomb or hidden treasure (please tell us that it’s not just us?)We often find nothing, and we are left wanting more.

We’re going exploring, so grab your pistols and whips! You’ll find plenty of dark challenges and excitement waiting for you. It’s unnecessary to wear a thorn-colored outfit and matching hat, but we recommend it because you’ll look fantastic.No one will judge you.

Despite the compact layout of 5 reels and nine pay lines, this slot machine has much going on. So brush up on a few tips to avoid being trapped in a pyramid by an angry mummy.

Sandy Toes

Even the well-maintained, well-worn hieroglyphics on this tomb will not be sufficient to save you from the dangers of sand feet. The title of the 80s-style game is in the left corner.

Ten icons are waiting to be uncovered and cleaned. Please learn that only three appear generic. The rest have been personalized to keep the archaeology aesthetic. The A, K, and Q are placed on a gray background with Egyptian carving. They are different from most slot machines in that they have higher-value icons. Five of the A tiles will earn 2,000 credits.

Don’t you like scorpions? Well, now you have a new reason. They add up to 9 credits. This is the amount you need to retire and become a millionaire. While it’s low, you could win a lot more in other games.

If you want to see another flank of the adventure, look for the bonus. Even though the game has a jackpot and a wild symbol, you can still find it. You will then be presented with three corridors. If you make the proper pick, you can continue. The money you win is not wasted, so it is positive.

Plane Tickets

By plane tickets, we mean the cost of betting, which is the same. Users can select to bet between 0.01 and 10,00 across as many lines as they like, but nine is recommended. The control committee is designed to be user-friendly and makes it easy to set these amounts.

You’ll find the four buttons to start the game at the bottom, and the current amount you are playing with, along with the totals, are displayed at the top. There is also a possibility to toggle between the two.

If you need to remember how much you get for finding 3, 4, and 5 of each icon, the Paytables widget on the left will tell you. It also briefly describes the functions of the special symbols. This is not the most comprehensive information, but it serves as a reminder.

Will I Find My Fortune

There is no warrant that you will find gold, but you can be sure to bring it home to show the world what an explorer you are. If we wanted to be a bit picky, the countenance and feel of this slot machine could have been improved, but the gameplay still needs to change.