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Cash Truck Xmas Delivery: Slot Overview

At the beginning of 2022, a severe contender to Quickspin’s production line was seen as Cash Truck. (You can see the resemblance in its name). The Truck will be on the road again just in time to celebrate Christmas with a slot called Cash Truck Xmas delivery. This slot, which impressed us with its immersive game world, no-nonsense attitude, and potentially thrilling gameplay, also saw the Quickspin production line go under the name Cash Truck.

Cash Truck is not being resold because Santa is present, so don’t be alarmed. This Santa doesn’t care about stocking, stocking, and traversing the globe. He’s more of the ‘bad variety.’ His desire to ‘grab, hoard and get as many presents as possible’ (according to the game sheet) is evident. He also has ‘Bad Santa” hand tattoos. The game sees him chase down the Cash Truck as it drives along a wintery highway. It’s reminiscent of an Ice Road Truckers episode shot in Alaska and Canada. You can enjoy the scenery, which includes images of snow, mountains, and the Aurora Borealis at night. An excellent metal track is also included for your enjoyment.

A game board with five reels and seven symbols is located against the Truck’s back. The bonus round begins when the top three rows are activated. Each base game spin is locked if the top three rows are not activated. Initially, there are 1,024 chances to win. This feature occurs when matching symbols land on the leftmost reel. This version is the same as the previous one numerically. Cash Truck Xmas Delivery has three RTP settings. 96.0% is the highest. However, it remains volatile in all models. There are two bonus buys available for players. Or, it can be played as usual by choosing a bet between 20 p/c and PS/EUR100 per spin on any device.

The regular symbols used by Cash Truck Xmas Delivery to pay their employees have been updated. The four lowest marks are cookies-looking, spades, diamonds, and hearts. Picks, flamers, and gas cans serve as the mids and choices, flamers and gas cans serve as elves, and Rudolph serves as the highs. Santa is the only high pay. A winning combination of five-of-a-kind awards will award you 0.6x for lows and 0.8-2x mids or 5x your bet for increased revenue. The wild symbol is available on all reels and can replace any other paying symbol.

Cash Truck Xmas Delivery: Slot Features

Second Chance Bonus

After completing all tumbles, the Second Chance Bonus is activated if two scatter symbols are in the unlocked area. Except for the scatters, all characters in the open area are removed. Three random positions are taken from the locked room, and new symbols are dropped to fill the space.

Bonus for Raiders

The Truck Raider Bonus is given when three scatters are hit. The Truck Raider Bonus is awarded to those with at least three scatters. Each will trigger an additional Expander symbol. The round begins with three Xmas Gift symbols randomly placed on the board. All characters also display a bet multiplier. There are three possible spins in which new Xmas Gift symbols, special symbols, and blanks can be awarded. The spin counter resets to 3.

The sum of all characters in the round is multiplied by the bet when the game ends. These special symbols are:

Expander – Unlocks three random positions in the locked area
Booster – This symbol adds value to other characters within the unlocked room.

Super Booster

This symbol adds to the value of all characters in an unlocked area when it lands and every subsequent spin.
Grabber – Adds all symbols to the open area.
Super Grabber – Adds all symbols to the open area when it lands and each spin afterward.


This symbol doubles in value every time the spin counter resets to 3.