I think everyone of you heard about those stories told in one thousand and one nights basically in Arabic language. These stories are very famous in various centuries because its first edition was launched way back in 1706. Every story was so amazing and interesting that you want to read one after another and you will not able to keep yourself away from it. The main author of these stories is still not basically known but if they will present in today’s time then they will become on the top of authors due to his fantastic writings. There are many movies made on this theme. I read these stories in my course book at a very young age. As you know that in school time we read too much but remember the little bit. So, I forget all these stories but I just remembered them instantly when I went on a trip to Abu Dhabi.

I went to the United Arab Emirates for witnessing a business meeting. I had a very important meeting there and that was my first trip to the desert place. This is also a capital of UAE so its glamor and antiquity are just above all cities. I never visited a place from where you can see an ocean from one window and desert from another window. That was giving a very fantastic experience to me. Peoples are wearing their traditional costume which made them looking different from others. Would you even imagine that some decades before it was just a village? I was lying in my hotel room which was at the 78th floor of the hotel. I was searching for news channels on TV. In that search, I found a channel playing the cartoon based on that very famous story of Arabian Nights. My childhood book started rotating in front of my eyes. Instantly I opened my laptop and just enthusiastically started searching for it. One by one, I was exploring every result appeared after searching. In that search, I got a casino website having a game with the same name and it was based on the same theme. I played some slots when I was in Australia so I was aware of as such things. That was a 5 reel and 10 pay line systems. It was just a basic play where I have to only hit the spin button and I can use that too for free. After getting all these things, I also tried some hands on it and forget what I was searching for. After some time I closed it kept it for further for next time. But I want to say that I had the amazing experience with it.