On this post, I will talk about my experience with one of the memorable incident of my life i.e. Tunzamunni. After heard about that name the first thing that came to your mind was that “What is the meaning of that word”, so don’t take any stress I clear your doubt it’s a slot machine, and let me tell you one thing about myself that I am a game freak . One day, after getting bored of my daily routine I started my pc and searched about the latest online games that were available on the internet.

After looking at the various sites, I came across some that I liked, but not enough to be interested in them. Then, a popup window appears with the name Tunzamunni and the tagline “Make money fast without getting paid”. This appeals to me, so I click that link to learn more.

It was stunning, with amazing graphics and music. The page was also very attractive to me.

I click on the genre option on the site to learn about it. This is very simple 5 coins, 1 payline and 3 reel machine. This allows you to win jackpots if you are able to get three different colored 7‘s symbols on the machine, but one thing that should kept in mind before start playing is that this can activated by 5 coins and chances of winning depends on how you play plus the major factor that we generally called “luck”, and my luck sucks generally! So in order to earn more money I start searching on the net for the cheats and I found some of them that will help a lot. The one more feature of that site that I like is its offline version i.e. just free download it by click on the right most part of the site and enjoy it.