Being a circus lover since childhood, this new slot game made me try it at least once. When I was a kid my father used to take me this grand circus called “gandalf murphy and the grand slambovian circus of dreams” and there was another one where we used to go when we were in the Michigan City called “the shrine circus in grand rapids Michigan”. The grand circus also has its following in numerous cities like Moscow, Budapest and others.

Well, here i am talking about this new pokie game based on the very theme which got five reels, twenty payline, and is a two hundred coin video slot machine game, and here the 5 reels indicates that you have to make your winning combination out of the five spinning wheels. And additionally the multiplier multiplies the chance of your win and eventually when the reel stops the computer program check the winning combination whether you have made some bucks or not, along with the enabled paylines.

Although there is no wild symbol on this game, but there are some other ways to get the top 1000 coins by hitting the jackpot while the regular is going on with forks. Along with all these tempting features this exciting pokie also has very interesting and well-designed graphics that can give you the exact feel of watching circus with all the circus sounds, like clapping of spectators, chirping of animals, ringmaster’s voice, beats of drums and much more.